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Night-time Skincare Essentials, That Won’t Break The Bank.

Hey, guys! I’ve become even more obsessed with skincare because I know how important it is to take care of your skin if you want it to stay clear of blemishes and to age well. I’ve actually always loved skincare for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I would always love to play with my grandmother’s skincare goodies.

As a consumer, I’m always looking to get the best bang for my bucks. Sometimes that can mean splurging on a luxury night cream because you haven’t found a cheaper one that works as well and sometimes it only takes a trip to your local drugstore or target.

If you want to find out what inexpensive products that have been working for me, keep reading.


Neutrogena -Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum

This first product is a serum from Neutrogena that I’ve been using a lot lately. I’ve been obsessed with the power of retinol and with this one, I have been seeing faster results than when I’ve been using my retinol from the dermatologist. When it comes to retinol, I hate to say it but, they’re not all the same. It all comes down to how it is formulated with the other ingredients it’s been compounded with. This one is great because it’s gentle enough to use every night and even in the daytime. Just remember to wear your sunscreen because your skin becomes more vulnerable to sun damage when using exfoliants like retinol. Plus, it claims that you’ll see visible results in just one week and that it works well under moisturizer and makeup. I can testify to that!


Neutrogena- Fresh Foaming Cleanser

This next product is one that I have been using for years. It’s super simple and removes all of my makeup.  I’m usually wearing a full face of makeup, with mascara, long-wear lipsticks, and sometimes liner and I need a good makeup remover to make sure it’s all off. I first use makeup wipes to take off my foundation and mascara. I use this gentle cleanser to pre-cleanse my skin before using my Tea Tree Oil face wash.


Up & Up- Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Before I start any part of my skincare routine, I have to have makeup wipes. While I used to use the face wipes from Neutrogena I once stumbled upon these wipes from Target’s Up & Up brand and I have been hooked ever since! For me, they’re just as good as the Neutrogena face wipes and they are half the price. Score!


The Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash.

I absolutely love this face wash and have been using it for over a year and I feel like it’s been a game changer for my skin. Before using this face wash, I felt like I had more constant breakouts and now after using it, my face feels so clean! It’s refreshing and really cleans deep down in the pores. The skin care benefits of using tea tree oil are so powerful. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties and because tea tree oil is an essential oil it can be very calming and therapeutic.


L’Oreal- Age Perfect Eye Renewal

Eye creams are a must-have and lately, I’ve been using this eye cream from L’Oreal and it has really helped with the appearance of tired eyes.  I actually have a night-time eye cream and a day-time cream, this one is good for both. I have been really loving this one for the evening because it has skin cell renewing properties, that I really prefer to use during the night under my eyes.


Cetaphil– Rich Hydrating Night Cream 

When it comes to night creams, I’ve been keeping it pretty simple. Most night creams I’ve tried have fragrances that irritate my skin. This one is great because it has Hyaluronic Acid and no harsh fragrances. Even though I have oily skin, I use this night cream that is formulated for dry and extra dry skin because at night my skin is drier because of the exfoliating products I use.


JÃSÖN- Vitamin E Skin Oil

It is so important to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep, think of it as feeding your skin for a long hibernation.  This is why I love to use facial oils. After cleansing your pores so thoroughly, you want to be sure that you are properly moisturized. Say it with me, “Moisturized skin, equals supple skin!”

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Are you skipping this Crucial Step in your Skincare Routine?

If your skin is feeling dull or congested, it may be caused by skipping toner in your skincare routine. Keep reading below for my favorite toning products that help me achieve a healthy radiant glow.


Pixi Beauty – Glow Tonic

This first product is great for getting rid of texture and helping speed up skin cell renewal. I love Glycolic acid peels and this toner is a mini peel for your face. If you struggle with hyper-pigmentation and scarring a glycolic acid toner may be for you. This one is very gentle with only 5 percent Glycolic Acid. Which makes it suitable for sensitive skin types.


Dickinson’s – Original Witch Hazel

Another toner that I swear by is a Witch Hazel toner.  This toner is a cult favorite and nothing gets your face cleaner than witch hazel. I put a little on a cotton pad and it removes all of the makeup that was left over after I have cleansed my face. This step is soo satisfying!


Stridex –Daily Care Acne Pads

These acne pads help dry out pimples and really help with cleansing the skin. I feel like these are a must-have for those of us who wear a lot of makeup. I have been using these for years and always seem to go back to them. They are affordable and powerful.


E.l.f Cosmetics- Pore Toner Balm

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love E.l.f. products. They are constantly coming out with new products, especially new skin care. This toner stick helps purify and cool down my skin, it is so refreshing after a long day and perfect for travel.


Mario Badescu – Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

So this last product is not exactly a toner, but I sometimes use it as a toner.  The aloe soothes and moisturizes my skin when irritated. I usually spray this on after my moisturizer and serums but sometimes spray it on as a toner after I have cleansed my skin.  I’m so obsessed!

I would love to hear about your favorite toners, please feel free to share them below!



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Best Makeup of 2017!

Hi guys! If you want to find out what my favorite products of 2017 were, please keep reading.


Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer 


This concealer has been my holy grail concealer since it came out two years ago,  I use it every time I do my makeup and it gives the most full coverage and is very long wearing.  I used this  for highlighting and it gives the most glam finish to my undereye area. It is my all time favorite and I hope the formula never changes!



Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation 


This Foundation is AAAmazing! I own several foundations and this one has to be the prettiest foundation I have ever worn. It is long-wearing and has a natural matte finish that is great for oily skin types like mine. It has a slight glow, so this can also be worn by those with dry-normal skin as well.  If you are oily like me, you will have to set it, as it does not dry down to a completely matte finish, it does have a bit of luminosity to it and even with the SPF, it photographs beautifully.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation 


I love this foundation! The coverage is amazing and I love that it drys down matte. As I have said before, I’m on the shiny side of skin types and this foundation works wonders. It is even more mattifying than Dior Forever and makes my skin look flawless. I have been wearing this almost every day since I purchased it. At first, I was a little hesitant to try it because of the hype, but RIRI girl, you did this right and I am SHOOK honey!


Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife 


So yes, here’s another Fenty beauty product because it is so good and deserves the praise. This highlighter is not for the faint of heart, it is a blinding highlighter with gold glitter flakes and is everything! Because it is mostly glitter, I love to layer just a tad bit of it on top of another highlighter and even on top of my eyeshadow for a nice shimmering glow.

Marc Jacobs Beauty  Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter 


I love that this highlighter isn’t oily, so if I add it to my foundation it doesn’t make me look like a glazed donut.  If you’re highlighting your cheekbones it looks beautiful when you use your fingertips to apply it.

ELF Cosmetics  Shimmering Highlighting Powder 


These are the best drugstore highlighters and have become my favorite. I have them in five different shades because I’m a highlighter junkie and they are all different.  These highlighters perform like high-end highlighters and never disappoint! Thank GOD for ELF Cosmetics.

Eyeshadow palettes

Morphe 35O- Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette


My favorite eyeshadow palette of 2017 has to be my Morphe 35O palette. The shades are so beautiful and the pigmentation is out of this world.  This palette is so affordable and the quality blows my mind! I own high-end makeup palettes and this performs just as well. LOVEE it!



NYX Lip Lingerie – Exotic 


I have been really grabbing for my NYX  liquid lipsticks lately, they are long lasting and the shade “exotic” is so flattering on me.  Definitely a 2017 favorite!

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick – Media  



So I bought this shade because it was very similar to my all-time favorite shade Diva, from MAC but I liked that Media was more brown, a satin finish and less red than Diva. Its the perfect burgundy and if you like the shade Diva, like I do, then you will definitely appreciate the gorgeousness of Media!



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